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Adam Kaczmarek

Adam Kaczmarek

NBC IT Outsourcing

Adam Kaczmarek is a Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Specialist working at NBC IT Outsourcing and a Ph.D. Student researching problem of information extraction from coreferential relation in polish at the University of Wrocław. Previously developing deep learning models for anomaly detection in network traffic and system logs with a holistic approach focused on detecting both known threats and zero-day attacks at CollectiveSense / LogSense. Professionally has been working also as Java and BigData developer. Combining professional approach with research experience gained as a developer in CellStar project in cooperation with an international team (ETH Zurich, INRIA, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard) and as a research assistant at G4.19 NLP Research Group (Wrocław University of Technology).   


Past Presentations

Explain, explain, explain...: Interpretability of black-box machine learning models - how to build trust in AI

14:00 - 14:20, 9th of May (Thursday) 2019/ DevTrends

AI DeepTech DevTrends ML/DL Tech