Be where the money is. Investors Meetup, for investor pass holders only, offers a unique opportunity for networking with the community, building new business relations, exchanging experience with those more worldly-wise, and making an impact on the European investors community strengthening!

Available for: Investor Pass holders.

Investors Meetup is a closed, investors-only, networking event for professionals in the “startup investment” industry who gather to discuss trends, good practices, and challenges to address. It aims to provide an efficient networking platform for the benefit of everyone in the industry. It all happens in an informal atmosphere!

In 2019 investors coming to Gdansk will be joined by:

After the keynotes, everyone is invited to join us for some food and wine. 


Time: 18:00-20:00, 8th of May

Place: Eliksir, ul. Mariana Hemara 1, Gdańsk    Show on the map

Previous editions: