What a startup acceleration program is all about and who can actually benefit from it the most?

14:50 - 15:20, 25th of May (Thursday) 2023/ ARENA STAGE

Many startup founders still don't know what to expect from a good acceleration program and how to choose the best one: the one most suitable for their venture. Many still face the challenge of being asked for a reference from paying clients while negotiating their first deal. Very few corporate clients are willing to take the risk of being the first adopter of a new innovation. Join the panel and learn who can help and how.

Startup / VC Business & Tech trends

Krzysztof Kanawka

Blue Dot Solutions

Jacek Bukowicki

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Katarzyna Wódka

Bank Pekao S.A.

Anna Grzebita

Kraftly | Value Ville