How will we feed the world by 2050?

12:40 - 13:40, 25th of May (Thursday) 2023/ ARENA STAGE

Michał and Piotr will talk with inspiring Polish founders who are shaping the future of food. What will we be eating in 2050? What will the food transformation look like? What kind of technologies will be present on our plates in the future?

Four 15-minute interviews in sequence with: 

Daniel Wieczorek - CEO & Co-Founder @
Robots in the food and HoReCa industry are coming. Daniel knows this industry inside out. Should we fear or expect positive changes in the way we work? Beyond pure economics and increased efficiency, what will they bring to our lives and businesses?

Martyna Polak - CMO & Co-Founder @ Planeat
Martyna is one of the best plant-based innovators in Poland and probably the only one who actually studied plant-based technologies at university. She will share with us what she is working on right now and why fungi are the next big thing in alternative protein.

Stanisław Łoboziak - CTO & Co-Founder @ LabFarm
Back in 2019 Stanisław was the first one in CEE to feed people with lab-grown meat in Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Centre. He will give us a sneak peak into the future of meat.

Matylda Szyrle - CEO & Founder @ Listny Cud
Matylda is a leading manufacturer of vertical farming hardware in Poland. She will let us know how we will respond to food and water crises. You cannot miss this if you want to find out what food will be grown indoors and outdoors in decades to come.


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Michał Piosik

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Matylda Szyrle

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Martyna Polak


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