How to build a great website in 2023? #GoHeadless!

11:35 - 11:55, 24th of May (Wednesday) 2023/ MARKETING STAGE

Over 30 years after the first website was ever created, we all still struggle with managing, modifying, and upgrading them easily, efficiently, and joyfully.

Marketers are the ones that struggle most of all! Whatever they do, they need more flexibility, better performance, and a more streamlined & efficient way to maintain and take care of their content strategy. Without any sacrifices and at the same time!

Here’s a positive thing - we can make better websites! Websites that:
- Add a lot more satisfaction to their everyday experiences as marketers,
- Streamline their digital marketing & overall business operations,
- Ultimately, fuel up their business & enable them to attract more Clients.

In my speech, I’ll try to easily introduce you to Jamstack & Headless approach to web development, while highlighting the key advantages over traditional web development methodologies.

Stay tuned, because Jamstack & Headless are getting momentum: according to Salesforce, “80% of businesses that don’t have headless architecture today say they plan to implement it in the next two years.”

Jump on the bandwagon and learn why it’s exciting to #GoHeadless!

Content Performance

Konrad Kuceł