Effective Design of RESTful APIs

13:40 - 14:20, 24th of May (Wednesday) 2023/ DEV ARCHITECTURE STAGE

Developers creating websites, especially backend developers, need to know how to build RESTful APIs correctly and effectively. Nowadays, those APIs serve many channels, whether mobile, microservices, IoT, integration, or all. This session will help you plan and model your APIs and understand the six REST design constraints that help guide your architecture. I will start with a simple overview, including advice on identifying your system’s users, or “participants,” and the activities they might perform with it. I'll help you paper-test your model, validate the design before you build it, and provide a live example to clear up the concept. You'll then explore the HTTP concepts and REST constraints needed to build your API.

Basic Advanced Expert
Front-end Software Architecture
MobileApps Front-end SoftwareEngineering

Mohamed Taman