AI enhanced WebApps with Next.js and OpenAI

10:50 - 11:30, 25th of May (Thursday) 2023/ DEV ARCHITECTURE STAGE

Let's explore the potential of AI-enhanced web applications with Next.js and OpenAI. Discover how to use cutting-edge NLP and ML advancements to create intuitive and intelligent user experiences. Discover how Next.js API routes can be used to build serverless APIs that interact with OpenAI's powerful API. You'll see how React pages can take advantage of these capabilities to create unparalleled user experiences. You'll witness firsthand how AI can take your web applications to the next level and leave your users delighted. Don't miss this opportunity to take your web development skills to the next level and unlock the full potential of AI in your projects!

Basic Advanced Expert
AI/ML JS Frameworks
AI Javascript Front-end Backend