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Best speeches on tech for good and impact investing from Infoshare 2021. Speakers of Infoshare 2022 for a better future.

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For years sustainability has been discussed arm to arm with future technologies. Having a positive impact on society and the world around us is aligned with the Infoshare community values, so we do our best to support it during our events. Read on and check how Infoshare contributes to sustainability through expert speeches.


Tech for good, impact investing and social entrepreneurship speeches from Infoshare 2021

Before we jump into this year’s topics discussed at the Infoshare conference, let’s recap three great speeches on sustainability delivered at Infoshare 2021. The selected speeches were delivered by Fionn Ferreira – an anti-plastic pollution innovator, David Polgar – a pioneering tech ethicist, and Wojciech Mróz – a Licensed Investment Advisor.


Fionn Ferreira on the fight against microplastic

Fionn Ferreira grew up by the sea and enjoyed exploring the wilderness but more often than not he couldn’t experience a beautiful Irish seashore without heaps of garbage. He decided to do something about it and try to bring a positive change to the environment around him. He invented a device that removes microplastics from water using magnetic ferrofluid. In his talk at Infoshare 2021, Fionn argued for playing with science and shared his personal stories of associating separate concepts in unconventional ways that ultimately helped him design a new method to remove microplastic particles from water


David Polgar on the revolution of responsible technology

David Polgar is an expert in technology ethics and improving the information ecosystem. He is the founder of All Tech Is Human, an organization dedicated to the development of responsible technology. The main thrust of his work is that we need a collaborative, multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary approach to build a future of technology that is in line with the public interest. In his speech last year, David Polgar explained the role of the technology industry in the process of creating responsible technology, as well as the actors associated with it: technical workers, policymakers, journalists, and the general public. Polgar also introduced the profiles of researchers and activists driving social change.


Wojciech Mróz on impact investing and social entrepreneurship

Wojciech Mróz is an entrepreneur, consultant with 18 years of experience, and a licensed investment advisor. He is Country Co-Director at Ashoka Poland – an international network of social innovators, the 5th most influential NGO according to NGO Advisor worldwide. At Infoshare 2021, Wojciech presented the differences between traditional investing in terms of maximizing return and investing in terms of maximizing impact. He also discussed examples of inspiring impact investments and success stories of several social entrepreneurs. 


Infoshare 2022 for sustainability

This year we will discuss, among others, the sustainable mobility ecosystem, sustainable scaling, AI to preserve life, and AI for inclusivity. Check who we've invited to cover the topic.


Magdalena MarzecMagdalena Marzec on scaling sustainably


Magda Marzec has been working in the startup industry for 8 years. She currently works as the Head of Marketing at Too Good To Go, a food-saving scaleup that has taken Poland by storm, with 2 million app downloads, multiple awards, and thousands of inspired partners. At Infoshare 2022, Magda will discuss scaling in a sustainable way. She will explain how to focus on what's most important and achieve long-term success instead of short-term quick wins and why growth "no matter what" is not sustainable.


Agnieszka MikołajczykAgnieszka Mikołajczyk on AI for inclusivity


With several publications, scholarships and awards under her belt, Agnieszka Mikołajczyk is an expert in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP. At Voicelab.ai, she works on topic modeling, intent and domain recognition, and other NLP topics. Agnieszka also managed and led the team during the HearAI project focused on modeling Sign Language. At this year’s Infoshare conference, she will cover deep learning-based Sign Language Recognition. Agnieszka will discuss how the HearAI project overcame the difficulties related to creating sign language translation through deep learning-based methods. 


Adam JędrzejewskiAdam Jędrzejewski on a more sustainable mobility ecosystem


Adam Jędrzejewski is one of the pioneers of shared and new mobility in Poland. He aims to disrupt urban mobility and create less car-dependent cities. Adam has nearly 20 years of professional experience and is involved in running a number of initiatives related to new urban mobility. At Infoshare 2022, Adam’s speech will focus on a shift towards a more sustainable mobility ecosystem. He will go through various means of achieving new urban mobility, such as fostering micromobility and multimodal trips combining public transit with shared mobility.


Filip StachuraFilip Stachura on AI for life preservation


Filip is the CEO and co-founder of Appsilon, one of the world’s foremost experts in R Shiny. He started his professional career at Microsoft in California. Filip is passionate about data, dataviz, Open Source, and Tech4Good.  At this year’s Infoshare conference, Filip will discuss how AI sees animals invisible to humans and how it helps to preserve life. To better illustrate the issue, he will go through some projects Appsilon has already realized and is planning to do within its Data for Good initiative.


Winners of Smart mobility hackathon on the Infoshare stages

Infoshare stages will also host the winners of the Smart Mobility hackathon organized within the Parking gets Smart project. The winners will present their solutions for more sustainable mobility focusing on specific challenges, including those revolving around residents, travelers & tourists, and local administration. The solutions are expected to fit the specific needs of partnering cities located around the Baltic sea: Gdańsk, Heringsdorf, Klaipeda, and Neringa. The winners will be announced on September 8.


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