12 articles about DevOps & Cloud recommended by Tomasz Konieczny

Another bunch of must-reads from an IT expert. This time Tomasz Konieczny shares his recommendations for DevOps and Cloud enthusiasts.

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This is the second part of our series, in which we presented the curators of Infoshare Monthly Newsletter for developers. In the first one, you may check what kind of content Vitaly Friedman, the co-founder of Smashing Magazine curates in the Front-end & UX/UI section. In this article, we’ll focus on DevOps and our guide is Tomasz Konieczny.

Tomasz is Test Architect and Software Quality Consultant interested in a wide range of quality-related subjects. DevOps and Cloud enthusiast. Conference speaker with over 40 talks at international and nationwide events.

Check the links chosen by Tomasz with his comments.

A dozen of good articles about DevOps & Cloud picked by Tomasz Konieczny

S3 Object Lambda

It allows you to add your own code to S3 GET requests to modify and process data as it is returned to an application. Both AWS S3 and Lambda services significantly changed how web applications can be designed. Why not combine them in an even easier way? AWS just introduced S3 Object Lambda – the ability to process and modify data directly on S3 GET requests.

STOP!! You don’t need Microservices

Breaking up the monolith into microservices may be difficult, starting with microservices is often even more demanding. But, do you really need them?

GitOps – Operations by Pull Request

No matter if you never heard about GitOps, or you are actively using it and just want to go back to basics - this one is a must-read. It may not be the newest GitOps related article, but it’s still very up-to-date.

How Netflix Scales its API with GraphQL Federation

GraphQL at scale – one of the best introductions to GraphQL Federation concept.

Kubernetes Deployment Antipatterns

Successful introduction of Kubernetes requires extensive knowledge. Knowing the best practices is crucial, however, knowing the antipatterns can be even more important.

Goodbye minikube

If you ever tried running the Kubernetes cluster locally, you may be familiar with Minikube. But, maybe there is a lightweight alternative?

Three months, 30x demand: How we scaled Google Meet during COVID-19

It may be surprising that Google introduced Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in 2003, years before the DevOps methodology was presented for the first time. However, despite their experience, some things can still be unpredictable.

YAML: probably not so great after all

YAML's main goals are to be human-readable, simple, and portable. Seems like the perfect format for the configuration files?

The Cost of 100% Reliability

Developing reliable software is expensive – even with modern development approaches and technologies. But, how to estimate its real cost?

Faster, more efficient systems for finding and fixing regressions

The costs for fixing bugs can rise exponentially during the next stages of software development. Because of that, the ability to identify and fix them fast becomes extremely important. Very interesting article about quality at scale.

Continuous Testing with Android Emulator Containers

Building custom CI/CD pipelines for mobile devices is often challenging. Android Emulator Containers can significantly simplify it.

You call that DevSecOps? Why your DevSecOps practice may be falling short

People often forget that DevOps is a methodology mainly focused on collaboration. But what about DevSecOps? Is it “only” the shift-left security approach?

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