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16.04.2021, added by Infoshare

So thrilled to introduce you to our new channel to share what’s worthy with the Infoshare community. We love regular thematic newsletters with high-valuable content so we decided to create our own. Infoshare Monthly Newsletter has 3 versions, dedicated to:

  • startups, investors, and executives
  • marketers
  • software developers

What is inside? Check below what each newsletter contains.

Trendsletter: the hottest trends and startups

Agnieszka, responsible for the startup & investor part of Infoshare curates monthly startup newsletter. Every edition will be focused on tech trends, interesting technologies, and startups worth to be followed. And our readers can co-create this newsletter as well, sharing their opinions. Because share what is worthy works both ways.

The newsletter in English.

Newsletter for developers: experts from various tech fields share worth reading articles

The world of technology is like an ocean. Not so easy staying up-to-date. It’s good to have a guide who can help you with this abundance of information. Caring for the needs of the software developer's audience and the various types of their professional roles we invited selected experts and Infoshare speakers to become our regular content curators. 

In every edition of DEVsletter, you will find columns such as AI & ML, Front-end & UX/UI, and Cloud & DevOps with 3 educative, thought-provoking articles/videos in each section. The content is recommended by:

The curator of the AI/ML/Data Science section.

CTO of Talent Alpha, where he is responsible for leading the product team. He also drives company product strategy, data strategy, AI / ML development, cloud infrastructure, and software architecture of the platform and apps behind the Talent Alpha.

The 2nd curator of the AI/ML/Data Science section.

Jon Bratseth is a VP architect in the Big Data and AI group of Verizon Media, and the architect and one of the main contributors to Vespa.ai, the open big data serving engine. Jon has 20 years of experience as an architect and programmer on large distributed systems and a frequent public speaker.

The curator of the Front-end & UX/UI section.

Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. When he is not writing, he’s most probably running front-end & UX workshops in large companies and organizations such as European Parliament, Haufe-Lexware, and others. He loves solving complex UX, front-end, and performance problems.

The curator of the Cloud/DevOps section.

Test Architect and Software Quality Consultant interested in a wide range of quality-related subjects. DevOps and Cloud enthusiast. Conference speaker with over 40 talks at international and nationwide events.

The curator of the IT Leadership section

Tomek is an IT Manager and runs his own training company. He has 9 years of experience working as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Agile Trainer, and leader. 

The curator of the Java & Co section

Tomasz describes himself as ”Coder from Poland*. Hoping to learn something new every day. Thankful to everybody who helps me while I hop along. Proud of: sckrk.com and geecon.org. Co-leads SCKRK, Polish JUG, Lambda Lounge Kraków. * I got it from my parents. They coded and so do I”.

Newsletter in English.

Newsletter for marketers: hacks, brilliant cases, and an invitation to share

In the 3rd newsletter, the Infoshare marketing team recommends worth reading articles with useful tips, keeping in mind various corners of digital marketing. Not to mention interesting campaigns marketers shouldn’t miss and inspiring speeches from Infoshare’s Marketing Stage. In this newsletter, you will find recommendations from well-known Polish marketing experts about the worth-checking podcasts, videos, articles, and some pop culture stuff.

We also want to invite subscribers to co-create the column with worthy content inviting them to send samples of their own marketing works. 

Newsletter in Polish.

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