Great Networking Party + Live Concert of KARAŚ/ROGUCKI

The name speaks for itself: the Great Networking Party gathers over 1000 attendees each year.

Available for: Conference, Networker, Executive, Startup and Investor Passes holders

Networking isn’t always about neckties and business cards. If there’s a time and place for some laid-back networking at Infoshare, this is it! With over 1000 attendees joining this party every year, it’s your time to mix and mingle and have yourself a real party!

The party is held at Stary Maneż—once an old building of a military garrison (a manege of the Black Hussars), now one of the best-known venues in the Tricity area. The Great Networking Party features a concert of KARAŚ/ROGUCKI.

KARAŚ/ROGUCKI is a duo of Kuba Karaś (production) and Piotr Rogucki (lyrics). The seemingly impossible fusion of two different sensibilities and metrics led to a harmonious outcome that the artists themselves describe as automotive-catastrophic erotica. Their songs are about feelings in the era of the end of civilization. The whole project took a dark and dense form, inspired by the 80s, cold wave, and new romantic music.

After the band’s concert, a DJ takes over.

As to refreshments, find them at the bar and three food trucks parked outside.

Main Partner:

Time: 8 pm, October 6

Place: Stary Manez, Slowackiego 23, Gdansk    Show on the map