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Przemysław Maciołek

Przemysław Maciołek


Przemek Maciołek, PhD is a VP of R&D at Collective Sense, where he leads development efforts on the company's next-gen log and network monitoring platform. Previously, Przemek's work focused on using machine and deep learning for business intelligence, data mining, and big data solutions for IBM, Oil & Gas exploration companies, Toptal, Base (now part of Zendesk), and others. Outside of his professional duties, he concurrently worked on research in the field of machine learning, anomaly detection, intrusion detection systems, and natural language processing, and he earned his PhD in 2015. Przemek is a frequent public speaker and active in the technology meet-up community, managing one of the largest data-centric group in Poland.


Past Presentations

Combining Deep Learning with Pattern Discovery for log monitoring

12:20 - 13:00, 08th of May (Wednesday) 2019/ DataTech
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