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RxJava in existing projects

14:15 - 15:15, 17th of May (Wednesday) 2017/ TECH PLUS STAGE
for Standard Passes+ only

If you ever approached RxJava before you might come to a conclusion that this library solves problems most of us don't have. Reactively composing streams of data, virtual time, marble diagrams and event-driven programming - where most of our code is pretty much just transferring data from database to presentation layer. During this live coding session for Rx beginners and intermediates there will not be a single slide, we start with empty IDE to step-by-step implement key constructs in RxJava. Most importantly we will discover how this high-level abstraction can help in existing projects. When to use RxJava, what problems does it solve and when using it is an excess of form over substance.

We will learn how to build highly reliable and concurrent applications, improve throughput and resource utilization without hurting readability and avoiding complexity.