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Build your own SaaS and impress the biggest [EN]

10:00 - 10:30, 12th of June (Friday) 2015/ TECH STAGE

In his presentation Łukasz Budnik will talk about how Kainos Smart was built. Kainos Smart is a SaaS product which allows running automatic integration, acceptance, and security tests fully in the cloud. Łukasz will show how the platform evolved in the past two years. Topics covered will be primarily around devops culture and tools ( choosing right cloud IaaS provider, using tools like puppet, packer, vagrant, cloudformation, elasticsearch, kibana, tools for configuration management). Apart of devops topics Łukasz will also share his views on modern technologies/frameworks like Scala, Akka, Java 8 and how do the fit into cloud architecture. Finally, Łukasz will show how Kainos Smart achieved full automation of the whole infrastructure including automatic deploys, HA, resiliency, autoscaling, closing with costs management.

Łukasz Budnik

Kainos Software