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Fintech trends in Europe: what's the next big thing?

14:10 - 14:30, 29th of September (Tuesday) 2020/ INSPIRE STAGE

Fintech is Europe’s largest investment category -representing 20% of all global investments.
The rapid progression of digital technology and the recent implementation of the Payments Service Directive 2 (PSD 2), have together created a very fertile environment for fintech in Europe. If progress across the different countries is not, as yet, completely homogeneous, markets are progressively opening and allowing for a wealth of innovation and new actors. These new actors- whether they be challenger banks, payments and lending platforms or over-the-top banking solutions - are challenging and disrupting a whole range of financial sectors. Insurance, an area that up until now has known very little change, is also being shaken up by the arrival of startups who are developing innovative solutions for individuals and companies and rebuilding traditional models making them more accessible, flexible and transparent. BtoC companies having traditionally led the way, an increasing amount of BtoB solutions are now seeing the light of day with small and medium enterprises offer great opportunities for the fintech entrepreneurial community. So after the mass arrival of neo banks, payment solutions and lending platforms, what's the next big thing?

Startup Growth Fintech VC

Ben Marrel