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Leading in rough seas

11:40 - 12:40, 23rd of May (Wednesday) 2018/ LEADERS EVENT
for Investor&Executive Passes only

We live in a world of fast change and information overload. Technology changes the world at a lightning pace. Four generations meet in the workplace. We can hardly imagine a world like it was just a decade ago. Companies are desperately trying to be proactive, by imagining what the world could be like tomorrow and by continuously developing new products and services. They need different business models, different company structures and different employee profiles.

All these facts pose a great challenge for leaders. If you are a leader and to want your team to thrive in a volatile environment, this session is for you. Bring your smartphone and get ready for fresh inspiration!

• HELP YOUR TEAM TO CHILL OUT and focus on what’s within their control.

• FIND A LEVER AND A FULCRUM. Make complex things simple; look for a tiny, unobvious domino block, which will generate a positive chain reaction.

• INTRODUCE SCENARIO THINKING. Whenever we consider at least three possible scenarios (instead of one), we are more optimistic, agile and resilient to mishaps.

• CREATE AN ISLAND OF CERTAINTY amid turbulences. Don’t succumb to chaos!


As long as we look at a stressful situation as a challenge, it enhances our performance and productivity.

Szymon Kudła