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Your individual career compass. Find your golden mean in the world of contradictions and dilemmas

15:20 - 15:40, 23rd of May (Wednesday) 2018/ INSPIRE STAGE

In the IT field we are bombed with contradictory statements and trends. Even in a daily life we learn to specialize and focus on our strengths, but we know that we should be versatile enough in order to succeed in the VUCA world. No matter if you nurture your kids, grow your team members or consider your own development: you are going to face 4 acute dilemmas. Each catch will be presented through energetic, memorable and funny metaphor. In each case the attendees will determine their own golden mean between two extremes.

STRUCTURE OR NATURE: structured learning or individual bite-sized learning?

SPECIFIC OR GENERAL: focused, in-depth development or making our careers injury-proof?

GAPS OR STRENGTHS: when is it better to focus on our strengths and make them even stronger? When do we really need to bridge the skill gaps?

CLEAR GOAL OR SPONTANEOUS JOURNEY: a distinct goal and vision or unpredicted options?


Szymon Kudła