Scaleup lessons learned must be presented in English, so only applications submitted in English will be considered

  If you are chosen, your surname, and company name will be added to the speakers section on the Infoshare website.

  Your speech will be within Scaleups Lessons Learned track, but we would like to also know how you want to name your very own 20 minutes on stage.

  Max. 1300 characters, if you are selected as a speaker, your bio will go public on Infoshare webpage.

  Max. 1300 characters, show us briefly what you want to cover within your stage time.

  Make sure you use photo with professional look in good quality.

  Used only, if any urgent contact with you before or during Infoshare 2020 conference will be necessary.

  Give us only video links to your previous speeches, if you have more than 5 to share, choose those which in your opinion are the best.

Tell us more about your scaleup, it will help us to choose lessons learned really worth sharing.

  Max. 1300 characters, let us know who your clients are, which markets you target, what value do you deliver to the customers?

  Max. 1300 characters, let us know more why from all countries on the map you have chosen this one.