Infoshare: Ian Gray - How to Level up your Impact, Authority & Profit with Confident Live Video

Everything you need to know about live video and how to do it right.

07.05.2020, added by Infoshare

Live video is getting more and more popular and in the times of lockdown, it became something almost constant. It’s hard to imagine your newsfeed without this right now, and more companies and entrepreneurs try their hands in live streaming. It's a good occasion to throwback to the great speech given by Ian Anderson Gray, a live streaming consultant during Infoshare 2019. He’s gonna tell you how to do it right. Check out the video and description below.

Do you want to level up your impact, authority, and profits through live streaming confidently? Maybe you are broadcasting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram Live but you are frustrated by the quality and professionalism not being the standard you want. Maybe you are letting the fear of getting in front of the camera, or the tech or content stop you?

In this talk given by live streaming consultant and professional singer, Ian Anderson Gray, you will learn:

  • to communicate with your audience with confidence using the latest tools, gear, and techniques. 
  • how to broadcast effectively from your desktop or mobile, increase audience interaction, and amplify your live video content through intelligent repurposing.
  • how to use your posture, voice, and facial expression to communicate with ease.






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