Interested in AI? The 10 speeches from Infoshare 2019 you should watch

What artificial intelligence really is today and how it can look like tomorrow?

25.06.2020, added by Infoshare

Certainly, AI is one of the biggest things in new technologies right now. This subject can't be missed during every Infoshare conference as well. How expectation vs reality looks like? How companies use the opportunities of artificial intelligence can give? And what about dark sides? Check out the 10 interesting speeches from Infoshare 2019 which show various perspectives.

Michał Łukaszewski – Hacking AI

It turns out that neural networks despite all possibilities they bring are also very sensitive to interference. Michał Łukaszewski from Intel manages the team that specializes in benchmarking of Deep Learning solutions. In his speech, he shows some popular tricks, hacking AI.

[speech in Polish]


Paweł Noga - How to join Deep Learning revolution?

A must-see for everyone who considers starting a career in emerging engineering positions relevant to AI. Paweł Noga from HABANA. AI will tell you more about skill sets and the typical responsibilities of this type of specialist and how to use your previous engineering experience to become part of the AI world. 


Tomasz Trzciński - Comixify: Turning videos into comics

Comixify is an AI-powered tool that turns videos into comics. Born as a student project at Warsaw University of Technology, since it's release in December 2018 became a massive success with over 30'000 generated comics. Tomasz Trzciński tells more how it exactly works and using Comixify case study he shows how to turn research into exciting products.


Daniel Elizalde - More than Smart Toasters: How Companies Are Using the Internet of Things to Fight Climate Change

How technology can help to fight very serious problems like resource scarcity and climate change? Daniel Elizalde leads Ericsson’s D-Fifteen IoT Studio in Silicon Valley and knows a lot about IoT. In his speech, he shares inspiring examples of how technology can help companies to address complex challenges in the energy, food, and water industries. These solutions combine smart sensors, edge computing, the cloud, and artificial intelligence.


Zaynah Bhanji - Solving Global Problems Using Artificial Intelligence

Zaynah Bhanji is 15-year-old machine learning and virtual & augmented reality developer. She began her journey developing neural networks at 13 and has been supported by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. In this speech, she takes a closer look at how AI  can be implemented in large industries and how it can solve core issues including poverty, healthcare, climate change, and food security.


Christopher S. Penn - Cognitive Marketing: How AI Will Change Marketing Forever

AI can replace marketers in their jobs? The algorithms will change the marketing for sure, but how? Christopher S. Penn, an authority on analytics, digital marketing, and marketing technology, tells you more about different types of artificial intelligence and how marketers can use it and prepare your career for the AI-driven future will bring.


Discussion panel - In which industries can AI become a game-changer?

Can the use of AI actually change the direction of development and business models?  In what industries today, artificial intelligence can change our perception, creating opportunities that we only talked about until very recently hypothetically?  Do we take up challenges related to responsibility for this technology and its impact on people's lives and social changes while developing AI? The experts: Krzysztof Wysocki (Oracle), Olga Budziszewska (Accenture), Bolesław Piasecki (War Studies University), Piotr Beńke (Ibm Polska) And Zaynah Bhanji (Zaynahbhanji.Com) try to answer those questions. 


Łukasz Grala - AI for the industry on the Azure platform

Equipment, production lines, industrial processes - all this generates huge amounts of diverse data. How can we use technologies to improve production processes and help entrepreneurs in the digital transformation? Łukasz Grala, CEO of TIDK shows how, thanks to services available on the Azure platform, you can analyze data using advanced analytics, AI, and Data Science.

[speech in Polish]


Damian Rusinek - Artificial Intelligence – a buzzword, new era of IT or new threats?

Every technology has a bright and a dark side. How to use great power wisely and stay safe in the AI-driven world? In his speech, Damian Rusinek, Ph.D. in IT security at Warsaw University of Technology, shows you a couple of applications that use artificial intelligence in order to improve our security and how easily it is to use other AI to break it, and how a crowd-sourced human intelligence can beat AI. The expert focus on applications that improve our security also in the real-life world and tell how to prevent abuses.


Szymon Karbowski - Where are you going, technological world?

AI is not just a buzzword, we know it. The number of startups related to artificial intelligence has increased 14 times since 2000 - presents Szymon Karbowiak from Vestor in his speech, in which he also focuses on the development of AI, presenting an interesting example from the Google Duplex test. The expert wonders how the real impact of technology on our lives and what awaits us in the future. What does the issue of processing huge amounts of data look like? What about privacy?

[speech in Polish]





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