Meet other community creators! Community Meetup is dedicated for organizers of meetups, events and other community creators. You can find there inspiration and good practices about building community.
There will be exclusive speech provided by Agnieszka Maciejowska from Evenea: "How to build a community around events?"

Community Meetup is a closed, invited-only, networking event for community creators, meetup and event organizers.

This time there will be a keynote provided by Agnieszka Maciejowska from Evenea about: 

The topic of speech: "How to build a community around events?"

In 2009, when Evenea was founded, there was no "fan page" and "lików" on Facebook. How then was it possible to build a community and how did it succeed? How do our organizers do it? What to do when there are no big budgets for event marketing and how to organize events that do not exclude anyone. For 10 years Evenea has done some lessons in the event industry and would like to share with them and answer the question: why is it worth making friends with a "nosacz" 

After the keynote, there will Q&A session and networking animated by Wojciech Makurat from Infoshare​ Academy and at last but not least pizza for everyone and beer!

Time: 17:20-19:00, 8th of May

Place: Amber Expo, FullStack Stage    Show on the map

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